To log in online, use the email address we have listed on your account. Your default password is the last four digits of your main phone number on your account.

Sometimes, customers do not provide us with their email address when they create their accounts. Unfortunately, an email address is required in order to log in. To ensure your email address is on your account, you can pursue one of the following options:

Option #1

Visit or call your local D.O. Summers location and notify our salespeople that you would like to add your email address to your account information. You can find the phone number for your preferred location by clicking here. This option is the fastest way to get your email address into your account as soon as possible.

Option #2

Click on the following link to fill out our Online Account Access Request submission form. This option might take up to one business day to process.

If these notes did not help resolve your issue or if you have any additional questions or comments, please send your feedback to or contact us.